Persistent Marketing Works

From Snow Cones to Law Practice:  Solo Makes the Best of Bad Marketing Ideas

ABA Journal, Posted March 24, 2010 By Debra Cassens Weiss


Great Advice on Using Social Networking Sites

10 Safe Social Networking Tips for Attorneys 

Bullseye: October 2009, by Robert Ambrogi


Obama Retroactively Voids Binding Arbiration in Some Contracts

Obama Signs into Law Restriction on Arbitration Clauses

The BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, an ALM Publication, David Ingram, December 21, 2009


Adjust to the Changing Strategies of Corporate America or Risk Losing Market Share 

Outside Counsel Spending Projected to Drop by 4.3% Next Year

The National Law Journal, Sheri Qualters, October 8, 2009

Premium Legal Fees Dying a Not So Slow Death

Citigroup GC Has No Sympathy for Law Firms Seeking Premium Fees

ABA Journal, Debra Cassens Weiss. Sept. 28, 2009


Law Firms Offering Alternatives to Hourly Billing Will Have an Edge on the Competition

Has the Clock Struck 12 on the Billable Hour?

WSJ Blog, by Ashby Jones


New Texas Motor Vehicle Laws Effecting Driver’s Licenses

New Traffic, Criminal Laws Set to Go into Effect September 1, 2009

News Release Issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety


Learn about the latest legal industry research documenting large corporations’ migration to smaller firms.

Corporate Counsel Are Reducing Ranks of Secondary Outside Firms, Survey Reports;  There is also a marked migration to smaller firms.

Sheri Qualters; The National Law Journal, July 2009


Law Firms are spending more marketing dollars on business development.

Business Development at Law Firms is Branding 2.0

Leigh Gearge,  July 2009


 What are you doing to achieve “Top of Mid Awareness”?

Innovation Can Lead to More Business for Firms

Stacy West Clark,  The Legal Intelligencer, July 2008


 Study Shows that 87% of Firms are at Risk of Losing a Big Client and Don’t Know It!

Most Law Firms Have at Least One Major Client at Risk

Marcia Borgal Shunk,  Principal at BTI Consulting Group, Legal Trends  April 2009

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