Small to Mid-Sized Firms

“Efficiency is doing things right.  Effectiveness is doing the right things.”       Peter Drucker 

Lineberger Consulting Group specializes in serving small to mid-sized firms by delivering a strategic marketing program at a fraction of what it costs to hire a marketing director.  We work with firm principals to design a customized plan that is targeted to meet the goals of the firm and we develop, train, manage and coach a team within the firm to deliver the results.   Team members are assessed to determine their talents and skills, and activities are distributed to those whose strengths match the demands of the activities to be completed.  By defining and managing team activities, Lineberger Consulting Group drives the activities in a direct, focused and persistent manner that develops business and achieves results.  

For those firms with marketing directors, Lineberger Consulting Group will work side-by-side with the director to develop and manage the marketing program complimenting the efforts of the director, and where beneficial, training the director on strategies and techniques for delivering the desired results.  We will work to create a more efficient and effective program that includes the training and coaching of participating attorneys in the ability to more readily identify the right things to do, and the best way to do them so they will be more effective now and in the future.   


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