Customer Service Oath

Lineberger Consulting Group sells consulting services.  We understand that without our customers we have nothing, and without great customer service we will not achieve our goals.  The greatest companies in the world have one thing in common; an undying commitment to customer service.  At Lineberger Consulting Group we understand its importance and are committed to providing the absolute best customer service humanly possible.  To that end, we have created our service oath to deliver obsessed-with-the-best customer service.

Obsessed-with-the-Best Customer Service Oath 

We, Lineberger Consulting Group, promise to serve our customers to the absolute best of our abilities.  To do so with a passion and enthusiasm that exhibits our total commitment to the best interest of our customers.  To truly listen to our customers and strive to fully understand their goals and objectives, and to develop a program that is truly representative of our customers’ mission, goals and dreams.  We will be professional, courteous and responsive at all times, will work tirelessly to deliver what we promised and will do everything humanly possible to deliver services that will provide our customers with the best opportunity for success. 


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