Jennifer Todd

Jennifer's head shot

Jennifer Todd has been involved in marketing advertising, promotion and business development for over twenty-five years.  Her experience ranges from creative direction at the Hall & Northway Advertising Agency in Dallas, Texas to a career in radio as both a radio personality and a sales and promotion assistant, and in more recent years to financial advisor, planner and business owner.

As co-owner of multiple financial entities including Colonial Statesman Financial Network in Dallas, Texas, she has engaged in multiple marketing activities, including promotions, sales, seminars, direct mail campaigns, multiple city promotions and more.  Through her financial service companies and sales as an Ambit Energy Top 15 earner, Ms. Todd’s endeavors have generated millions of dollars in sales over the past ten years.  Her contributions include not only her extensive work in business development and marketing, but also in management as a small business owner, managing all aspects of the business operations.

Ms. Todd is a graduate of Texas A&M University, where she received a BBA in Marketing.




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