Jan Felcoff

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As co-owner of Felco Office Systems in San Antonio, Texas, Jan Felcoff built an office equipment business from the ground up, achieving over a million dollars in sales in the first year, and becoming the largest copier and fax machine distributer in San Antonio within five years.  The company grew to include multiple subsidiaries in Dallas, Fort Worth and Harlingen.  Through Ms. Felcoff’s efforts as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Felco repeatedly achieved top annual sales until its flagship operation in San Antonio was sold to Global Imaging Systems in a multi-million dollar deal.  Global Imaging Systems then sold the acquired Felco to Xerox, where many of Felco’s former employees remain employed.

Throughout her career, Ms. Felcoff owned and operated over eight businesses ranging from office equipment to real estate to figure salons.   From her early days as an owner and sales manager of Zeno Systems in Houston (which was also sold after achieving over 7 million in annual sales) and throughout her career at Felco, Ms. Felcoff not only acquired extensive experience in sales and marketing, she also acquired an understanding first hand of what it takes to start a sales and marketing operation from scratch and grow it into a multi-million dollar operation.   

A highlight of  her career includes her receipt of the premier Distinguished Sales & Marketing Award® presented to her by Herbert Kelleher, CEO of Southwest Airlines on behalf of the renowned Sales & Marketing Executives International (SMEI).  Award recipients are presented with the coveted Victor Statuette,™  representing the most prestigious award recognized internationally by the sales and marketing profession.




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