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Lineberger Consulting Group (LCG) provides business strategy, client development and marketing consulting services to law firms.  Through a combination of consulting, training and coaching services, LCG provides services that are designed to drive business results and create a positive and dramatic revenue impact.  The services may be provided in full or customized to the needs of its clients.  Services include, among other things:

Full Service Program: 

  • Lead the creation, implementation and management of a Business Development Plan (“the Plan”) including:
    • Mission Statement
    • Business Model Review and Opportunities
    • Business Strategy
    • Target Markets
    • Marketing Strategies
    • Goals, Objectives, Desired Outcomes
    • Revenue Targets
  • Assess talents and strengths of business development team members and recommend respective roles and duties
  • Identify, coordinate and manage tasks for team members
  • Professional development training and coaching of team members according to individual needs over approximately six months:
    • personal career goals and strategies
    • strengths assessment
    • business development techniques and strategies
    • client industry research strategies and techniques
    • traditional and cyber networking and contact development
    • time management and focus
    • action plans
    • sales presentation and closing techniques
  • Assist in the preparation of proposals to prospective clients
  • Assist in the assessment of customer service and satisfaction and the recommendation of programs or methods for improving results
  • Periodically review and assess the effectiveness of the Plan in meeting the goals and objectives of the firm
  • Make recommendations for revisions to the Plan as needed

 Supplemental Services:

  • Identify specific client prospects that match target profile
  • Identify appropriate contacts for client prospects
  • Identify key targeted industry periodicals and associations
  • Research targeted industry needs and customs in:
    • the manner used to select legal counsel
    • the preferred method by which legal services are discharged
    • the manner in which claims management is evaluated
    • the manner in which legal services are evaluate
    • the preferred fee structures
  • Campaign for the publication of white papers
  • Campaign for speaking engagement opportunities

Programs Available:

Full Service Program:   This program anticipates comprehensive services as described above.  The precise services will depend upon the customized needs of the client and their current marketing program.  In most cases, services will include an initial intense status review consultation that will include strategic planning, marketing plan development, plan implementation and general development training, followed by management of the plan, and training and coaching of participating attorneys over a six month period of time.  Six months encourages the true adoption of the program and increases the likelihood that the skills developed will continue to be utilized over the long term.  Most of the services would be provided in the first few weeks, with the remainder of time consisting primarily of weekly individual coaching sessions, and an evaluation and assessment of the program near the end of the term.

Business Development Training Programs:  Individual topic oriented training sessions and/or seminars are offered.  These sessions are available for firms that are satisfied with their overall marketing program, but are looking for supplemental training to provide to their attorneys.  The topics include traditional and cyber networking techniques, white paper publication methods, prospect research techniques, expert positioning techniques, individual marketing plan development and more.  They may be delivered in person or by webcast.   

Research and Business Development Services:  LCG offers supplemental services including research of the client’s prospective customers and/or customer industries, and business development activities including the generation of speaking engagements and/or white paper publications for LCG clients.

Renewal/Maintenance Programs:  Once a firm has engaged in a Full Service Program, continuing business plan consultation, implementation and training will be available to refresh and update the attorneys on new trends and practices, and training and coaching will be available for new recruits to the firm. 


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